Circa 1955 Experience Box

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Pre-orders and new subscriptions are OPEN for our May box! 

Join us this May as we go down, down, down the rabbit hole and explore an enchanting Wonderland! Inspired by the classic 1951 animated movie and beloved attraction at Disneyland, this box is sure to drive you Mad ;)

Order by April 26th to ensure box personalizations can be made. This box will include at least 2 candles. Boxes are anticipated to ship by mid-May.

Disclaimer: Circa 1955 is in no way authorized by, endorsed, or affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, Inc., or Walt Disney World. The Disney trademarks include but are not limited to Disneyland, The Magic Kingdom, Adventureland, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Disneyland Paris, and Walt Disney. All references to such trademarked properties are used in accordance with the Fair Use Doctrine and are not meant to imply that this product is a Disney product for advertising or other commercial purposes. All fragrances are just inspired by the amazing memories we have created in the Parks and Resorts. The images on this website are my personal photographs. All art featuring the likenesses of Disney characters, figures, property, or logos are property of the Walt Disney Company, and its associated business units.

You can purchase the box as a one-time purchase OR you can select the recurring subscription.  The recurring subscription allows you to receive a box every 2 months (see Subscription Calendar below for specific details and timing). If you are gifting the box, please be sure to enter any gift message in that portion of checkout. Our boxes are highly personalized, so be sure the shipping name matches the name you want for the personalization within the box.

Every box will include a minimum of 2 candles. Typically, one scent will be inspired by an attraction, resort lobby, character, movie or more. The other scent is usually inspired by a sweet treat, snack or food item.

The recurring subscription purchase means you will automatically receive a box every other month. The billing and shipping schedule is as follows:

Billing: December 10th
Box Ships: on or around January 15th
Billing: February 10th
Box ships: on or around March 15th
Billing: April 10th
Box ships: on or around May 15th
Billing: June 10th
Box ships: on or around July 15th (annual Birthday box)
Billing: August 10th
Box ships: on or around September 15th (annual Halloween box)
Billing: October 10th
Box ships: on or around November 15th (annual Christmas box)

NOTE: After subscribing, check your email for a separate "create your account" email. By creating an account, you will be able to update payment info, skip months, or cancel. If you do not receive this automatic email, please contact us at

Can I skip a month?
Yes! You can log into your account before the billing renewal date (see subscription calendar info above) and skip the next renewal if you wish, or you can email us at

How do I cancel my subscription?
You can log into your account and cancel your subscription, or you can email for assistance.

What if my card is declined?
The system will send an email indicating your charge did not go through. It will automatically try again once each morning for 3 consecutive days. After the 3rd day, if the charge still doesn't go through the subscription will automatically be cancelled.

Can I order multiple boxes?
Yes! You can order multiple one-time purchase boxes at once, as long as they are all delivering to the same address. Just be sure to provide the names of the recipients in the gift message portion at checkout. If you wish to order multiple boxes delivering to different addresses, you will have to order them one at a time and enter each recipient separately. If you wish to have multiple subscriptions, you'll have to create each one separately.

What theme is next?
Stay tuned to our social media accounts for sneak peeks and reveals of the theme. Also, we'll update the product listing on the 1st of each billing month to reveal the theme and allow time to skip if desired.

  • Sales tax and shipping calculated at checkout. Shipping costs are determined by destination and product weight.
  • If you or your recipient reside in an apartment, dorm or other community housing, we kindly recommend ensuring the office receives parcels and has secure pickup arrangements before placing your order.
  • From late spring to early fall (depending on your climate), we recommend having the boxes delivered to a location where they are less likely to be left outside in high temperatures or direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.
  • In the summer months, we only ship on Monday and Tuesday.  This keeps the parcel in transit and helps to avoid long weekends stuck in hot shipping vehicles.
  • In the winter months, please allow the glass candles to come to room temperature before lighting.

The first few times you light your candle is very important.  Please plan on lighting it at a time when it can burn for a minimum of 4 hours.  Allow the wax to melt as close to the edge of the vessel as possible before extinguishing.  If you extinguish the candle prior to this, it will have trouble melting that excess wax during future burns. This is called "tunneling" and results in poor burning.

Trim your wick to 1/4 of an inch before each lighting.  Make sure the candle has not been lit for at least 3 hours before re-lighting.  Try to keep wick trimmings and debris out of the wax melt pool.  Keep the lid on the candle when not in use.  Please avoid placing the lid on the candle when it is lit; instead, blow out the candle then place the lid on top.

Always keep the candle on a firm and even, heat-resistant surface.  Keep it away from drafts, pets and children.