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Welcome to Lux Illume

Hello! I'm Nicole, the founder of Lux Illume. I am obsessed with scents and the science behind how they make us feel. My mission is to deliver a quality, eco-friendly candle that delights your senses and enhances your space.

This new collection is designed to celebrate mindfulness, self-care and support. The scents are steeped in significance and intention.


vetoga Warrior collection

A collection of scents inspired by and dedicated to our military, police, fire and other first responders. Our profits from the sale of these candles will be shared with VETOGA. 


Gifts and accessories

Our wick trimmers and coasters help complete the candle experience. There's some fun Lux Illume swag here too. But best of all - here's our favorite gift experiences and bundles.

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the elements

Breaking scents down into single notes. Perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about fragrances, aromatherapy, and the impact of scent on our senses.

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Two words: love and light.  We believe in the power of spreading love and sharing light.

We believe in being kind, generous, and intentional with what we do.  

We believe it's time to step away from the cold and impersonal mass-market. You are more than an invoice number. 


Our wax is sustainable, vegan soy from non-GMO soybeans. The wicks we use are cotton braided and metal-free. Our fragrances are premium quality, phthalate free and many are infused with natural essential oils. We handcraft our candles fresh for you once you place your order, and not a moment before. We are located in the heartland - Moore, Oklahoma to be exact. We put our heart into everything we do. We make no compromises in quality or presentation and we wouldn't have it any other way. We provide a handcrafted, personal experience.



Our handcrafted products are made when you place your order, and not a moment before. We believe in providing the freshest scents to brighten your space.   It's uniquely yours from start to finish.


Scents are scientifically proven to trigger memories and strong emotions from our past.  It's what brings us endless inspiration.  Let us help you relive your favorite memories and special events, or create new ones!


Each package we send is an enchanting experience.  Every item is packed with care and attention to detail.  We treat each order as a gift from us to you to express gratitude for your support.