Our Mission


Here at Lux Illume, I am passionate about two things - candles and serving others.   

I believe in capturing magical memories and meaningful moments like fireflies in a jar.  I am passionate about illuminating the beauty of life and spreading hope and love to all.  I believe in being kind and intentional with what we do.  I believe it is time to step away from the cold and impersonal mass market; you are more than an invoice number!

I love the beautiful light candles give, the amazing scents they diffuse and the atmosphere they create.  No matter how dark the night, just one candle flame can change everything.  That same light is a symbol for the hope and inspiration that comes from giving.  I trust in the power of a good deed and paying it forward.  I believe in love and light. 

Nicole Nichols


Our candles begin with GMO-free, vegan soy wax; it's fully sustainable.  Some companies blend stabilizers or additives into the wax to allow for a longer shelf life.  We choose not to.  We strive to use phthalate free fragrances as well.  Our goal is to make our candles as eco-friendly as possible.  

Our wicks are cotton braided (lead and metal-free).  We don't keep large quantities on hand in a massive warehouse.  We handcraft our candles once you place your order and they're shipped within 14 days.



The folks at Lux Illume are above all, givers and servants to others.  Seven years ago, one of our mentors felt called to begin the lengthy journey of raising money to build an AIDS orphanage in South Africa.  We couldn't sit idle and just wish him the best.  Recalling our fondness for candles (and the ability to make them), we decided to make a set of four candles and sell them to raise funds for his initiative.  From there, our candles have been used in fundraisers for local school PTO's and more.  After enough requests for candles outside the various fundraisers we've supported, we expanded our light to a retail format.  It's only right to share our light in two ways - by bringing the light to you and bringing light to many others through profit sharing and charitable donations.