Our Team

Nicole Nichols
Founder + Scent Scientist


Nicole was born and raised in Southern California and found her way to Oklahoma.  She lives in Moore with her husband Mike, their dog, Kimber and cat, Muskrat.  At Lux Illume, Nicole has ideas.  Lots of them.  Some you see, many you don't. Other than generating lots of crazy ideas, Nicole handles all product development, manufacturing, packing and shipping.  When she isn't fulfilling orders and dressing up gifts, she's usually off on an adventure looking for the inspiration behind the next great scent.


Chris Dougherty
Project Manager + Workload Wizard

Chris Dougherty lives in Washington.  After a long stint as a producer in Hollywood, the glitz and glam lost its sparkle.  A simpler life called her name and before long she and her family moved to Washington.  When she isn't playing Hockey Mom, Class Mom, or amazing wife, she's writing a children's book or making awesome kids blankets and accessories. As if that doesn't keep her busy enough, in the fall, she's picking wild blackberries and making the most epic blackberry jam on the planet.  Come winter, she's crafting the latest batch of homemade fudge she's grown so famous for.  Outside of ALL that, she's effortlessly reigning in Nicole and her crazy ideas and helping keep track of the various projects and deadlines.  Chris is the sole reason Nicole's head is on straight without any duct tape.