Scentful Storytelling: Donna's Blueberry Muffins

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Our first installment of Scentful Storytelling is here!  Join me for an in-depth look at the inspiration and story behind our "Donna's Blueberry Muffins" candle.

As a child, my grandparents lived about 7 hours north of us.  Every few months, we'd pile into the car and head north for a visit.  The time in the car with the family was filled with laughs, stories and more.  As much as I enjoyed the fun road trip games helping pass the time, the real magic for me happened the following morning.

I'm an early riser by nature and when I'm on the road, it's no different.  The morning after we'd arrive, I'd always be up at the crack of dawn ready to see what adventures awaited us.  My grandpa had a leather armchair in the living room that was right next to the wood burning fireplace.  On the other side was a small end table with a lamp and many of his nautical accent pieces.  I'd curl up in the chair by the warm glowing embers of what was left of the fire in the fireplace.  The smoky wood scent in that space was so comforting.  While waiting for everyone to get up, I'd always read my Grandma's Reader's Digest magazines by the amber glow of that small lamp on the table.

Not long after I'd get up, I'd hear a bedroom door creak open, then quietly close - and I knew it was time.  Time for the precious quiet moments with my Grandma.  She too is an early riser and with a house full of family, there was coffee to be brewed and food to be prepared.  As she made coffee for herself and tea for me, we'd always softly say our good mornings and embrace the quiet.  

Shortly after our first sips of tea and coffee, the magic would begin.  Like a stealthy ninja, she'd slowly start pulling out ingredients from the pantry and bowls and spoons from the cupboard.  We'd quietly talk about everything under the sun while she made her blueberry muffins.  My job was to line the muffin pan with the paper wrappers.  Big plump blueberries, a splash and then some of vanilla, maybe a sprinkle or two of lemon zest and boom - the batter was done.  She'd spoon the batter into my paper wrappers and in just 25 minutes we'd have the first of many batches of the best streusel-topped blueberry muffins.  

We'd enjoy the first two muffins with a tab of butter melting into the freshly baked batter.  We'd talk about everything under the sun - school, hobbies, work, current events and more.  The older I got, the more we'd explore all kinds of topics.  Those quiet mornings with my Grandma are some of my favorite memories.  And, in case you're wondering, yes - to this day the tradition still holds strong.  The morning after I fly in, our signature coffee and blueberry muffin morning begins.  Her silent ninja-like skills in the kitchen may be a bit wobbly and the stirring of the batter may be a little slower; but the love in the simple preparation of those blueberry muffins is as strong as ever.  

As my candle business grew, and I explored new scents and product lines, I knew I wanted to embrace these beloved memories in a physical, tangible way.  When I got whiff of this amazing blueberry muffin scent, I couldn't help but find myself mentally transported in time back to those quiet mornings filled with soft giggles and warm moments.  At that instant, "Donna's Blueberry Muffins" was born.

To enjoy this scent for yourself, you can click here.  Do you have a favorite memory with a family member?  Does it revolve around food?  I'd love to hear your story - who knows, there could be a candle scent in the making!

May you have a quiet morning and a blessed day!

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  • The memories one makes without knowing it! Love you, and I am so proud of all you have accomplished! Your candles are just amazing, and will wonder what candle and memory will be next. Now I want a muffin lol.

    Donna on

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