We Wants the Redhead Melts in Skull Jar

NEW!  We have 6 ounces of soy wax melts in our We Wants the Redhead scent.  These melts are molded to look like skulls and crossbones!  Place them in your favorite wax melter and before long the intoxicating scent will warm your home.  As an added bonus, the melts come in their own skull shaped, glass mason jar.  We'll even include a lid and straw so you can use the glass after the melts are gone.

Our wax melts are made with the same soy wax and fragrance you've come to love with our candles.  Be sure to consider the size of your warmer - some melts may have to be broken into smaller pieces to avoid overflowing the melt tray (especially the smaller ones that plug into the wall socket).

These are VERY limited in quantity and once they're out, they're out!