Our current order turnaround time is appx. 2 weeks

The Haunted Mansion Experience

UPDATE: YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE.  We sold out in just two minutes. 

For those who missed out, we are truly sorry and will plan for
larger available quantities in the future.

As fans of the Haunted Mansion, we felt it was time to give this attraction an other-worldly experience box of its own.  Leota has received our sympathetic vibrations, and the grim grinning ghosts are ready to socialize.

Master Gracey wishes to announce you will receive a minimum of three glass candles, a beverage vessel, and more. The hitchhiking ghosts are working to spill the beans on all the tricks and treats that lie within this experience, but we're holding them back to keep it a surprise.

Because of the extensive hand-crafted work that goes into conjuring this experience, the availability is limited to only 13.  That's right, there's only 13 available and each one will be heavily personalized to the recipient.  Upon checking out, you will receive an email with a survey to complete.  This will help ensure your experience is conjured to your delight. 

These experience boxes will ship at the end of August and feature free shipping.