Spread the Light - Gift Exchange and Fundraiser

My husband said it best, "What crazy idea are you up to now?"
Lux Illume and Circa 1955 were founded on charity and illuminating hope for others.  I have an idea...a big one!  Have you ever participated in a secret-santa or a gift exchange? How fun are those?!  What if we combined the magic of a Disney-themed gift exchange with the light of a fundraiser to serve others?
I present to you our first ever "SPREAD THE LIGHT" gift exchange and fundraiser!  We'll be benefitting the Ehle family and Lisa's fight with breast cancer.  Here's how it will work:
  1. Purchase this item for $5 (plus $5 shipping upon checkout). ALL $10 will go directly to the Ehle family.
  2. Upon signing up, you'll receive a questionnaire via email.  Please fill out all of your fun Disney facts and preferences.
  3. On July 1st, we'll sort through and match everyone.  You'll get an email that night with all of your exchange partner's info.
  4. Between July 1st and July 31st, pull together your magical box of fun Disney-themed items for your partner.  To make the exchange magical, we ask that you curate your box around the $25 price point.  Please ship no later than 7/31.
  5. In the last half of July, you'll also receive a special candle from me to commemorate our event and to thank you for participating.

It's that simple!

If you wish to donate directly to the Ehle family, you can do it here: