Serving the Servers

Serving the Servers

Restaurant workers are either furloughed or working feverishly behind the scenes to meet the "to go" demand.  Their world has been rocked like the rest of us and we wanted to serve them with the same love and hospitality they serve us with. 

The pineapple is the symbol of hospitality, so it just makes sense to honor them with our pineapple scent.  Our glass tumbler candle has a burn time of 55 hours.

Portions of the proceeds from this candle will go directly to restaurant workers.  We may send them grocery, restaurant or coffee gift cards, or specific items they may need or request to make it through this challenging time.

Spread the light!  If you order a 2-pack of this candle, we'll gladly send the second one to someone you are separated from or someone you just want to delight with an unexpected gift; the shipping is on us!