May The Flame Be With You

May The Flame Be With You


We can't deny or hide it any longer.  The force is strong with us!  As fans of the epic movie series, we felt it was time to put our own spin on the stunning planet landscapes.

We launched this collection box on May 4th and it's time to bring it back for a limited time.  We partnered with the amazing and talented Jedi Master Sam Skyler and present to you our tribute to Star Wars: May the Flame Be with You.

The collection box includes:

  • An art print designed by Jedi Master Sam Skyler
  • An 8 ounce lightsaber silver candle tin, "Come to the Dark Side..." rumor has it, the dark side has cookies!
  • Four, 6 ounce lightsaber silver candle tins featuring these inspired scents:
    "My Joints are Freezing Up" inspired by the icy terrain of Hoth
    "Light This Candle, You Will" inspired by our favorite Jedi and his home in the foggy swamp in Dagobah
    "Wick-It" inspired by Wicket the Ewok and the lush forests of Endor.
    "What a Desolate Place This Is" as C-3P0 famously said about the barren landscape of Tatooine.