Lemon + Ginger
Lemon + Ginger
Lemon + Ginger

Lemon + Ginger

My paternal Grandparents lived in a suburb in the greater Los Angeles area.  They had a huge orange tree and lemon tree.  I loved picking fresh lemons from that tree and helping my Grandma make lemonade.  One day, I was testing my lemon verbena candle in the kitchen.  Not thinking, I also started the process of crystalizing some ginger for a friend of ours.  Random fact - nibbling on some crystalized ginger helps with toothaches and teething!  So imagine my surprise a couple hours later when a lemon/ginger aroma filled the kitchen.  It smelled so good!  So, here we have a blend of strong lemon and spicy ginger.  A unique scent that will surprise you!

Our candles are available in several sizes:

  • A mini tin (net wt. 3.5 ounces) with a burn time of 12-15 hours. It's the perfect sample size.
  • A large tin (net wt. 6.75 ounces) with a burn time of 35-40 hours.
  • A clear glass tumbler (net wt. 10 ounces) with a burn time of 55 hours.
  • A clear glass mason jar (net wt. 14 ounces) with a burn time of 70 hours.

For flame-free scent solutions, try our 3 ounce wax melt clamshell.

Our wicks are cotton braided (metal-free). This fragrance is phthalate free and infused with natural essential oils; perfect for the eco-conscious.

At Lux Illume, we don't keep large quantities on hand.  We handcraft our candles once you place your order and they're shipped within 14 days.