C is for Cookie

C is for Cookie

As a child of a school Librarian, I'm grateful for the opportunity to escape into books.  I have a GREAT friend of mine who is devoted to helping underprivileged kids learn to read.  These kids are behind the curve in every sense of life - inside and outside the classroom.  Jay has gone above and beyond to provide these kids with a good, safe place to escape to and learn their letters, form words and read.  

He's started a go fund me, but I couldn't stop there.  All proceeds from the sale of this candle will support Jay and his mission.  When the kids get a sticker or a pencil as a reward, their day is great.  These little rewards make all the difference.  By donating funds, Jay can continue to enhance their learning experience with tools and educational games.

As of November 1, 2017, we've raised $75 for Jay!

Our candles are available in three sizes: an 8 ounce tin, a 10 ounce tumbler and a 16 ounce mason jar.  The tins last for approximately 40 hours, tumblers have a 55 hour burn time and the mason jars last for roughly 70 hours.  Our wicks are cotton braided (metal-free). This fragrance is phthalate free and infused with natural essential oils; perfect for the eco-conscious.

At Lux Illume, we don't keep large quantities on hand.  We handcraft our candles once you place your order and they're shipped within 14 days.