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A Hogwarts Holiday

Three words: Christmas at Hogwarts!!!  Can you imagine such an event?  We did and have some great scents to go with it.  

  • Weasley Family Jumper: Your very own Weasley knitted jumper awaits with a fresh and clean blend of teakwood, musk, cotton, and bergamot.
  • Great Hall Christmas Tree: A blend of pure pine and blue spruce will make your space as woodsy as the forbidden forest.
  • A Hogwarts Holiday: An enchanting blend of sugar cookies, mistletoe, pine and holly berries.
  • McGonagall's Christmas Cake: a white cake batter blended with fresh cranberry and candied oranges. 
  • Hagrid's Cocoa: Not your average cocoa!  Poor Hagrid can be like a bull in a china shop sometimes.  He accidentally added some pumpkin spice to this cocoa and the result is a rich blend you'd never expect.

Scent strength: 🕯🕯
These scents are not too strong and not too subtle. Spaces with an open floor plan will require a larger candle to fully scent the space.  If you need help selecting a size for your space, check out our blog post here.

This bundle is available in several sizes:

  • Clamshell melts
  • Mini tins (net wt. 3.5 ounces) with a burn time of 12-15 hours each. 
  • Large tins (net wt. 6.75 ounces) with a burn time of 35-40 hours each.
  • Clear glass tumblers (net wt. 10 ounces) with a burn time of 55 hours each.