2021 Word of the Year Experience

A growing trend has been to pick a word of the year to focus on.  Sometimes it's an action you're always reluctant to do.  Sometimes it's a trait you wish you were more disciplined in. Many times it's something you want to be more mindful of.

Do you pick a word of the year? If so, we've created a unique and custom experience just for you.  Each word of the year experience box contains the following:

  • A glass tumbler candle with your word on one side and a label with the abbreviated definition on the other side. 
  • A small journal with your word and name featured on the cover.
  • A postcard with your word and its definitions. 
  • A sticker sheet with your word in multiple sizes, colors and fonts.
  • Two permanent vinyl decals with your word. This is great for laptops, phone cases, etc.

The word of the year is a fun way to add some mindfulness to your thoughts. 

This is a fully custom experience.  Upon placing your order, we'll follow up via email regarding your word, candle scent, color palette, typography, etc.

My Story:

I first heard about picking a word of the year in 2017.  I started in 2018 with the word "unstoppable."  While I was indeed unstoppable in many ways that year, I did learn a valuable lesson in the process - I still needed to remain connected to friends and family.  You can only be in full afterburner/unstoppable mode for so long before crashing and burning.  As a result of lessons learned in 2018, my word for 2019 was "connect."  My goal was to focus on reconnecting with friends and family and find a way to balance and connect the obligations: personal time, candle business time, corporate America time, family time, etc.  Then in late December 2019 I boldly stepped out of the security of corporate America and dove straight in to Lux full-time and with no backup plan.  I figured I'd always be making concessions unless I made Lux a priority, so my 2020 word was bold. Little did I know what BOLD plans 2020 had for all of us ;)  I have my 2021 word narrowed down to a few options...but haven't quite settled on one yet.