Lux Travel

We all dream about traveling to fun locations, but how many of us act on that dream?  The cost, the time off, the hassle of getting to and's a lot to overcome.  Then, when you google about your destination, you're completely overwhelmed with all the options.  There's so many travel sites and discount packages and add-ons, you have no idea which sites you can trust and which you can't.  

Let us help you!  Nicole is a travel agent and works meticulously to craft your ideal trip from start to end and everything in between.  You know her level of quality with our products and gift experiences - that same level of service and quality is extended to your planning.

Disney trips? DONE.  Nicole understands the ins and outs of Disney World versus Disneyland. She knows how much time to budget for each area and all the fun events available. 

But - there's so much more than Disney trips!  Cruises, all-inclusive resorts, adventures around the world...they're all yours to experience without any of the hassles of planning.  Fill out the form below and Nicole will contact you about your travel needs.  The best part? Nicole's planning services are at NO cost to you!  There's truly nothing to lose to have her take a look at building you the trip of your dreams.