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Our Candle Crew

At Lux Illume we are blessed to have amazing friends who work hard to help spread the light about our products and mission.  The time has come for us to illuminate them and let you meet those who represent us so beautifully.  Keep an eye out for their comments and recommendations throughout the site on different products. 

Mary Darling - our Christmas __ and Hostess with the Mostest

Mary Darling hails from Indiana and is our resident Christmas __.  You know that feeling around Christmas where there's a crisp coolness to the air but yet everyone is filled with warmth and kindness?  That's what life with Mary is like.  Her spirit and zest for life fills a room and her bright disposition leaves you grinning from ear to ear. She is compassionate towards everyone, and has a huge heart. She is a design guru, dog mom extraordinaire, and creative genius.  She's truly a renaissance woman!  Home DIY projects? Done. Sewing projects? Check. Mid-Century design queen? Abso-freaking-lutely.  Photographer? Yep.  I often tell her, I truly believe there's nothing she won't dominate!

Mary is one of our amazing product photographers, and guest artist for some of the Circa 1955 experience boxes.  Her very own Lux created candle can be found here.  She also has her own small business - The Jolly Co Shop.  You can follow her on instagram @marydarlingxo and you can check out her products here.