The Complete Snow White Set

This set includes one Snow White candle, one Poison Apple candle, and the complete set of Seven Dwarf votives.

Our Snow White 10 ounce tumbler candle starts with a red layer of rich and bright Macintosh Apple.  This is a strong and powerful scent that will quickly fill any room.  As you burn through it, the Macintosh scent fades and the blue layer will soon appear.  This layer features a sparkling aquatic and floral scent drawn from the infamous wishing well.  Lastly, the yellow layer features the intoxicating Lovespell scent.  This is a fan-favorite fruity floral blend sure to break any spell. 

Inspired by the villainous Evil Witch and her poison apple, the black glass tumbler may hold a red poison surprise within.  Starting with sweet and strong apple scent, as you burn through the candle, the metaphoric poison will emerge in both scent and color.  

No fairy tale is complete without the sidekick to the Princess - or in this case, sidekicks.  Seven to be exact!  Here we have a set of seven votive candles decked out in colors and scents to match the personalities of each of the Seven Dwarfs:

Happy (yellow): a white tea and berry scent is sure to bring a smile to your face.
Sleepy (purple): lavender and vanilla is sure to calm your space.
Grumpy (dark blue): thunderstorms and rain will make anyone a grump.
Bashful (light blue): sweet and shy, his floral bouquet is quite the loving surprise.
Doc (brown): frankincense and myrrh are sure to cure what ails you.
Sneezy (orange): grass and weeds are some of his hayfever triggers.
Dopey (lime green): honeydew and grape are a combo sure to bring you cheer.

Our votive candles each have an average burn time of 15-20 hours.  The tumbler candles each have an average burn time of 55 hours.  All candles feature cotton braided, lead free wicks and the scents are phthalate free; perfect for the eco-conscious.

    At Lux Illume, we don't keep large quantities on hand.  We handcraft our candles once you place your order and they're shipped within 14 days.