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Robes for All

After the incredible journey to the vaults of Gringotts, Harry heads to Madam Malkins for his robes.  This quaint shop is the premiere place to get robes for all occasions in addition to the Hogwarts uniforms.  A fresh and clean scent awaits you!

Top Notes: Cashmere
Middle Notes: Flannel, Ozone
Base Notes: Citrus, White Tea

Scent strength: 🕯🕯
This scent is not too strong and not too subtle.  If you're sensitive to "laundry" type scents, it may be on the stronger side for you. Spaces with an open floor plan will require a larger candle to fully scent the space.  If you need help selecting a size for your space, check out our blog post here.

This candle is available in several sizes:

  • A mini tin (net wt. 3.5 ounces) with a burn time of 12-15 hours. 
  • A large tin (net wt. 6.75 ounces) with a burn time of 35-40 hours.
  • A clear glass tumbler (net wt. 10 ounces) with a burn time of 55 hours.
  • A 3 wick glass tumbler (net wt. 16 ounces) with a burn time of 80-85 hours.

For flame-free scent solutions, try our clamshell wax melts, 2 oz. room spray or reed diffusers.