Making Magic for Sammy
Making Magic for Sammy

Making Magic for Sammy

If you're a fan of the ZADD Crew, then you know how much we love Sammy.  While Sammy watches us from above, we carry on his amazing spirit.  This candle, Sammy's Magic was designed for him - down to every last detail:

  • Mason jar - it's our largest candle size and Sammy was larger than life.
  • Red cord and charm - we chose a red cord for Sammy's heart.  The charms will vary between life, hope, and love.  Sammy lives on through us, we have hope there will be cures for childhood cancer, and we love him and his family every day.
  • Super hero cape - we added a felt "super hero" cape to the candle for him.
  • Scent - Sammy watched Moana quite a bit and because of that, the top half of the candle is a pineapple coconut and the bottom half is an ocean water scent.

Proceeds from this candle will go to St. Baldricks in honor of Sammy.

At Lux Illume, we don't keep large quantities on hand.  We handcraft our candles once you place your order and they're shipped within 14 days.