Just Be by Beebes’ presents Game Day Experience

In Buffalo, the question often arises when talking about attending a football game: “Where else would you rather be?” There are some cities where winter football is just different. What makes it different? It’s the fact that it’s played outside in the elements, regardless of how cold it is or if it’s snowing. It’s a way of life in these cities. You could say it’s a rite of passage.
Here at Just Be by Beebes, we’ve partnered with LUX-ILLUME to create a unique candle inspired by a game day experience in Buffalo, NY. What makes this candle unique, other than the branding on the outside, is that the candle has two different scents built into it. The first half of the candle captures the essence of a brisk, cold winter game day, and the second mirrors the sweet aroma of post-game victory bonfires. We know not everyone is part of the mafia, so we’ve given you multiple teams from which to choose. Secure yours today, and perhaps snag one for a friend, too!
· Handmade in the USA
· Vegan, Non-GMO, Additive-Free Soy Wax
· Cruelty-Free with No Phthalates, Parabens, or Fillers
· Crafted in Small Batches for Ultimate Quality
Check out our inspirational "Just Be" Collection here: https://luxillume.com/collections/beebes