Nicole's Candle Cauldron

UPDATE: I'm truly blown away by the response.  To have sold out of these in just 24 hours is just unreal.  Thank you so very much for supporting this!!

Hands down - my personal favorite time of year is the crisp fall days leading into Halloween.  There's just something epically magical about falling leaves, a cool chill to the evening air, and sipping hot drinks while wandering through a pumpkin patch.  When you combine that seasonal excitement with my total obsession for gift experiences, then you know you're in for a treat.

My family and I were talking recently and while they've received all of my gift packaging shenanigans through the years...YOU haven't ;) And boy have you been missing out. So, with a little nudge from my family, the time has come for me to give you the full "you're in the family now" gift experience.

While I really really want to spill the beans on all the tricks and treats that lie within, I also want to keep it a complete and total surprise.  So let me just say this...IF YOU covet all things Halloween, decorate for the season, are a fanatic about candles and scents (especially all the luscious fall ones), and love surprises, then this is for you.  The retail value of the candles and decor exceeds $175.00.  But here's the deal - because of the extensive work that goes into crafting and conjuring this experience, I have to limit the availability of this to only 5.  That's right, there's only 5 available and each one will be heavily personalized to the recipient.