Deck the Halls by Nicole

How was this experience "born"? Well, my family and I were talking over the summer and while they've received all of my gift packaging shenanigans through the years...YOU haven't ;) And boy have you been missing out. So, the time has come for me to give you the full "you're in the family now" gift experience.

What exactly does this experience consist of? It starts with a survey from us to you.  We'll ask questions about you or your recipient's preferences when it comes to scents, decor style, treats and more.  Nicole will review the survey and then handcraft a one-of-a-kind experience.  Many times the scents themselves are custom blends, all candles will have personalized labels, and of course everything will be packaged to the nines.

While I really want to tell you everything on Santa Nicole's list for you, I also want to keep it a complete and total surprise.  The retail value of the candles and decor exceeds $175.00.  But here's the deal - because of the extensive work that goes into crafting this experience, I have to limit the availability of this to only 5.  That's right, there's only 5 available. Boxes will deliver just after Thanksgiving.

If you're gifting this to someone, be sure to include their name under the shipping info.  The shipping name will be the one used for all the customizations on the products.