Christmas Movie Box

Christmas Movie Box

Are you or someone you know a BIG fan of all the Christmas movies on the network that rhymes with "Ballpark" (hey, I have copyrights to avoid here LOL).  I will readily admit, I adore all those cheesy and predictable movies.  There's just something comforting about them.  Call me crazy, but I'm super productive with all my candle stuff when I have them on in the background...much to my husband's despair (but that's why there's ipads and headphones, right?)!

To celebrate the non-stop Christmas movie madness, here's a fun box full of  customizations for the recipient. Our official "That Comforting and Predictable Christmas Movie Box" includes the following:

  • An ornament customized with your name
  • A matching kitchen towel (no personalization)
  • A wine glass customized with your name
  • Two "Christmas Movie" bingo cards
  • A mini stocking with candy and popcorn (color/pattern may differ from what’s pictured due to stocking availability).
  • A 3-wick candle in our Mistletoe scent with a custom label. This scent is only available in this box!

If you're gifting this to someone, be sure to include their name under the shipping info.  The shipping name will be the one used for all the customizations on the products.