Snow White

Here's our Disney-bound inspired take on the first princess: Snow White.

Our 10 ounce tumbler candle starts with a red layer of rich and bright Macintosh Apple.  This is a strong and powerful scent that will quickly fill any room.  As you burn through it, the Macintosh scent fades and the blue layer will soon appear.  This layer features a sparkling aquatic and floral scent drawn from the infamous wishing well.  Lastly, the yellow layer features the intoxicating Lovespell scent.  This is a fan-favorite fruity floral blend sure to break any spell.  

Our candle has an average burn time of 55 hours, features a cotton braided, lead free wick and the scents are phthalate free; perfect for the eco-conscious.

    At Lux Illume, we don't keep large quantities on hand.  We handcraft our candles once you place your order and they're shipped within 14 days.