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Hello there!  Welcome to the cozy corner blog here at Lux Illume.  Our hope for this blog is not only to showcase our products and give you behind the scenes info, but also to give you useful tips, tricks and inspiration on home decor and more.  We're certain there will be something for everyone over here :)

For the first post, we wanted tell you a little about who we are, what we're doing, and what you can expect from us.  

Who are we? Lux Illume was founded by Nicole Nichols.  She began making candles for a fundraiser and the business grew from there.  In early 2017, Nicole and Sam Skyler were brought together by the universe.  Sam's expertise in graphic design, art, photography, cosplay, nerd culture and more infused the world of Lux with incredible vibrance and energy.  Soon thereafter, as the challenges of supply, demand, production, and shipping weighed down the creative process, the universe again blessed the Lux team with Chris Dougherty.  She's our workload wizard and project manager.  You see, when Nicole and Sam brainstorm ideas - they tend to think way beyond their hobbit size. To infinity and beyond, right? Well, with Chris' help, they can stay on track and truly deliver some incredible products.  Chris brings calm and reasoning to their creative tornadoes. She's our anchor and totem.

What are we doing?  Lux Illume officially launched in January 2016 with about 12 different scents in 3 different size candles.  In July 2016, we launched our Circa 1955 candle subscription program.  Since then, we've expanded our scent library, added amazing themed collection boxes and even more subscriptions to include Lux seasonal boxes!

What can you expect from Lux Illume?  Nicole's vision and mission for Lux is quite simple - exceptional quality service and a mission to expand love and light.  The sentimental side of her feeds off the fact that scent is strongly tied to memory.  She strives to not only create the best candles possible, but also to provide unpacking experiences that warm the soul.  The candles warm the air and the light penetrates the darkest of night.  We are purveyors of positivity and light.  We believe in hope and charity and above all, service to others.  As such, many of our products support various charities and causes that in turn, provide a bright spot for those in need.

January 2018 marks the beginning of our third year!  We've grown so much in just a couple years and we can't wait to see what the future holds for us.  Thank you for joining us on this journey.  May you be surrounded by love and light! 

Nicole, Sam and Chris

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