This is Halloween! And Christmas!

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“This is Halloween, This is Halloween” and Christmas!

Hi Everyone! Sam here for another #Tablescape Tuesday!


I thought it would be super fun to create a Nightmare Before Christmas theme, pulling inspiration from our “Kidnap the Holidays” candle collection box that was released this season.  I tend to get a little sad when packing away Halloween decorations because it’s my favorite holiday, so bringing Halloween and Christmas together was such a delightful treat!

The Goods:

  • The silverware and silver and black plates are actually plastic from the local dollar store!
  • The pumpkins, black + silver garland, orange glitter ribbon, and silver flowers were found at the dollar store as well!
  • Nightmare before Christmas goods were finds from over the years.
  • The assorted keychains can be found on amazon, here’s the link: http://amzn.to/2Ac9iCW

Tips & Tricks:

I wanted the focal point to be a mix of the silver flowers and orange ribbon because I felt it was a contrast of color but also that they represented both holidays. The orange ribbon was a great find because it had glitter but was wired as well. I highly recommend finding ribbon with wire because it can be twisted easily and keep it’s shape.

The plates were looking too plain, until the little Nightmare before Christmas characters were added! These little figurines worked out perfectly being placed on each plate. It gave each seat setting some personality and could be a fun conversation starter for your guests too.

The candle tins were decorated with washi tape! It’s such a simple way to dress the tins up for any occasion. We have a tutorial video and Nicole’s live stream demonstration video on how to use washi tape on tins and tumblers in our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/luxleagueoflight/.  We’d love for you to join our League of Light group!

I hope this setting gives you some inspiration to combine your holiday decorations! We’ll see you next week with a new Tablescape Tuesday!


Love and hugs,


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