Christmas Cheer!

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Hello everyone!  Today brings us the last #tablescapetuesday and it's personally my favorite.  Sam did such a great job bringing seasons greetings to the table.  We hope you've enjoyed these fun ideas on dressing up your tables!

Here's our Christmas Delivery tablescape brought to you from our Art Alchemist Sam Skyler:

As Christmas Day approaches, we wanted to have a very fun festive Christmas theme for today’s Tablescape Tuesday to help inspire you this holiday season!

The Goods: 
• The silverware and plates are actually plastic!
• The cute Christmas truck and trees are from Target
• The holly, pine and poinsettias are from the local craft store.

Tips & Tricks:
The Christmas truck was a wonderful find because the wood elements on the truck matched well with the wood on the table too.

To create this simple napkin layout, we first placed a green napkin on top of the plate and then we rolled a red napkin into the silver holder ring. We placed the silverware on top of the plate, which is a great alternative arrangement if you don’t have a lot of table space or need to squeeze in more table settings.

The silver pinecones helped pull in the silver elements from the plates and candle tins. One of our favorite scents during the winter season is “Christmas Eve”, it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere!

Safety tip: Always make sure that decorations and floral arrangements are away from any lit candles to help prevent fires or injuries.

Thank you for taking the time to read our post and we hope this can bring some inspiration your way!

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